Nails - 

While in the Colorado we are outside having fun as well as maintaining our professionalism.  This can take a tole on our hands and feet.  We can offer you services that are unique and custom to you.  Introducing services performed in Zero Gravity makes these services memorable and worth every minute of your time.  Carrying  a vegan polish such as Zoya and Spa Ritual, OPI and CND Shellac, you will find something just for you. 

Gravity Manicure - $30

Shellac Manicure - $40 or$45 with shellac removal

Gravity Pedicure -  $50

Shellac Pedicure - $60 or $65 with shellac removal

Gravity Manicure+Pedicure - $75


Offering great passion for skin care withyears of experience in here at my Skin & Nail Bar, you can be sure to find the right treatment for your skin.  You will be treated with  the IMAGE skin care line which is beyond incredible.  I love the product and the fast results!

O2 Lift Facial - This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Amazing and  illuminating results in just one application!  This facial works  to extend cell life, slow aging, reduce inflammation and lighten pigmentation.  Perfect for any skin type. 

Max Stem Cell Facial - An amazing facial to re-balance, regenerate and restore dull skin. Prevention and nutrition system targets fine lines, wrinkles, and lost of elasticity. Pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes in an organic aloe vera gel base is a great way to exfoliate and plant stem cells applied in helping maintain youthfulness of skin.

I PEELS - Call today for a consultation to find the perfect treatment for you. Offering unique and highly effective peel blends that will treat aging, sun damaged skin and acne.

Weddings - 

We offer and prefer to come to you for your wedding needs! With my experiance it really makes the day flow beautifully, saving time and energy for you and your party.

Bridal Hair - Offering the most dated and beautiful styles for our brides here at Gravity. We will make sure to create the look you desire. 

Bridal Hair (trial run) - We can take time to practice your style before your wedding date, therefore getting a better idea of timing and what works best for you. 

Bridal Make-Up- For a flawless look we have great artists to make you you pop in photos. Includes an air brush finish and lashes for a finished, professional look.

Bridal Make-Up (trial run) - Try different looks and ideas you may have so insure your wedding day goes exactly how you would like.

Attendants Hair- Creating a perfect look for party members and bridesmaids.

Attendants Make-Up- Offering professional make up designs, finding the perfect look for everyone.